C Wrap Labels

Customised Wrap Around Food Packaging Labels

C-Labels for wrap around labelling of trays or containers, providing plenty of space for eye-catching branding as well as the necessary product information for ingredients, batching, storage and cooking instructions.


Product profile

  • Transparent, white or metalized PP and paper substrates
  • Extremely resistant to tearing and moisture
  • Suitable for all wrap-around labelling machines
  • Low unit costs
  • High labelling speeds
  • Supplied in reels or as pre-cut formats
  • 8 colour flexo printing
  • 10 colour rotogravure printing


Special features

  • Reverse-side print in up to 3 colours allowing more space for branding and promotions
  • Thermosensitive inks which change colour with the temperature
  • Luminous inks for a brilliant product appearance
  • Metallization and holographic prints